An animal’s presence has an instant positive impact on their owner. Most people who have a pet at home rave about the calming aura, the pleasant atmosphere and the sensuous and friendly relationship between them and their pet. Dogs are a very special and irreplaceable part of our family. Dogs’ love of life and the sheer adoration they have for their owners is an inspiration for each and every dog lover. Negative thoughts will melt away when your dog wants to play with and be close to you. They’re telling you loud and clear: ‘Here I am. Let’s do something!’ You’ve got to be well prepared for the extraordinary physical exertion your dog demands from you.

In our Knuffelwuff shop, you’ll find lots of affordable yet high-quality products to make your dog’s heart jump for joy and do you some good too. These products include a wide range of dog beds, robust toys, leads and collars, as well as functional outdoor clothing to ensure you’ll arrive home warm and dry whatever the weather.

Several studies have proven that people with pets are healthier. Having regular contact with your ‘somewhat different’ companion promotes your health on several levels. Firstly, your four-legged friend motivates you to exercise more, which reduces your risk of being overweight and having high blood pressure. Your dog makes you more resistant to stressful situations and gets your circulation going. Secondly, your dog strengthens your immune system and helps you to arm yourself against allergies. Your dog is your best medicine and most effective therapy.


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