My best friend never says a word to me. Yet this cold-nosed, four-legged companion of mine is the only individual I’ve never felt alone with.

Dogs are such clever and empathic animals that can achieve great things. Whether they’re working as a rescue dog, a therapy dog, a guide dog or a police dog, dogs are capable of saving human lives. But ‘simple family dogs’ are real life savers too. They give us their full confidence and unconditional love, thereby providing us with an incentive to get up and make the most of every day! They’re our friends, protectors, confidants, companions, motivators and calm anchors.

We put the love our dogs give us into our work at Knuffelwuff day after day, so we can give our best friends a little bit of what they deserve by offering them high-quality products! And, as the saying goes, ‘Good friends deserve a … treat … or a Knuffelwuff product’.


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