ĎLike master, like maní is a proverb thatís often quoted in connection with human/dog relationships, yet it applies to most of us. Itís quite remarkable how our dogs can adapt to our lives and our moods. But, above all else, itís wonderful how much they understand us, give us comfort when weíre feeling sad, make us feel peaceful when weíre about to lose it, and never leave us alone however hopeless everything seems.

We canít thank our pets enough for all the things they do to enrich our daily routines and our lives as a whole. To repay least part of this debt to our pets, the Knuffelwuff team has taken it upon itself to develop high-quality products such as dog beds, leads, collars, toys and much more besides for our dogs. After all, every dog is an individual, has its own character, and also has very different needs. Thanks to our wide range of products, youíre sure to find something thatís perfect for your four-legged friend.

Unfortunately, our dogs canít stay with us for our entire lives, but weíre their constant companions during their time on this earth. And we have to make those precious few years we have together with our pets as wonderful as possible! They deserve it Ė thereís no question about that.


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