Knuffelwuff Adjustable Soft Leather Dog Lead Midpines
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It’s said that there are dogs who have more collars and leads than women have shoes.

While the need for such a comprehensive collection certainly is up for debate, there’s definitely a suitable lead for every occasion in the cupboard.

Knuffelwuff has developed a selection of particularly high-quality dog leads for all lead-loving dog owners that’ll make an excellent addition to any lead collection!

The Midpines dog lead is an especially elegant product. The leather lead, available in brown and black, impresses with its fine workmanship and the perfectly matching chrome-plated hook. The lead’s white seams that fit wonderfully well into its overall appearance are the absolutely amazing aspects that set it apart.

But a lead has to do more than just look good to secure a place in a dog owner’s collection. This dog lead has far more strengths than its initial appearance lets on.

It is made of high-quality and especially hard-wearing cowhide, and is comfortable for the owner to carry and for the dog to wear. What’s more, it sits comfortably in the hand.

Despite its elegant workmanship, the lead is suitable for everyday use. Gently brushing or wiping the Midpines dog lead is all that’s needed to remove all dirt from it.

Thanks to the three different lengths that you can adjust this lead to, you can decide on a case-by-case basis in every situation how much space you’d like your pet to have.

What’s the only thing missing to make this the perfect lead? That’s right – a matching collar. Perhaps you’ll like the Midpines collar that goes with the lead. We’ve got that in stock too!

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