Knuffelwuff Laser-Quilted Artificial Leather Orthopaedic Dog Mat Juna
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By buying this orthopaedic dog mat for your four-legged friend, you’ll have combined two superb qualities in one. Your dog’s health is promoted, and you’re giving them pleasant and comfy downtimes.

The Juna orthopaedic dog mat has a 10 cm tall orthopaedic core that protects against cold floors and adapts perfectly to the shape of your dog’s body. It relieves pressure on the joints and the spine. As is the case with us humans, the result is a restful sleep that’s gentle on the joints. Dogs lying on an orthopaedic mat or bed automatically adopt a healthier position, sleep more soundly and wake up feeling more relaxed.
The lying surface is made of robust, laser-quilted and high-quality synthetic leather. It offers your darling dog a long-lasting, water-repellent place they can rest. Quick and effortless cleaning with a damp cloth is particularly easy. The covers are also removable, which makes them particularly hygienic and extremely easy to clean. You can choose from three sizes of the Juna orthopaedic dog mat, depending on whether you’ve got a small or large lap dog. They also come in different colours. All you have to do is choose the one you like best. The dog mat is easy to transport and can also be used in the boot of a car during longer journeys.

Just like all other Knuffelwuff-branded products, only high-quality materials were naturally used in the Juna orthopaedic dog mat. It was developed in Germany and manufactured in the EU.

Outer dimensions (LxBxH) ca. 78 x 65 x 9cm ca. 110 x 66 x 9cm 136 x 84 x 9cm
 first  second  third
  • Upper: Laser-quilted synthetic leather
  • Underside: Non-slip insulating material  
  • Core: Orthopaedic memory foam
  • Inner cushion: Orthopaedic memory foam
  • Cover can be removed thanks to the sewn-in zipper 
  • Synthetic leather can be vacuumed and cleaned with a damp cloth
Special features:
  • This bed is extremely dimensionally stable and returns to its original shape after use 
  • Orthopaedic dog beds are particularly easy on the joints and adapt to your dog’s shape
  • Developed in Germany, manufactured in the EU 
  • Spare covers available separately


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