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Anyone who’s ever had a poor night’s sleep will know exactly what the fallout will be the following morning. Back pain, difficulty concentrating and general malaise can all often be attributed to poor sleep.

And healthy sleep isn’t just vitally important for us humans. Our dogs also suffer from pain or find it difficult to concentrate if they can’t process all the amazing adventures they’ve had in their sleep.

Our new Little Mountain dog bed offers everything a dog’s heart desires. The orthopaedic memory foam flake filling adapts perfectly to your dog’s body, thereby relieving pressure, relaxing muscles and promoting circulation. While an orthopaedic dog bed can’t completely cure a dog that’s already suffering from some joint disease or another, it can help ease their discomfort and protect them from new aches and pains that poor sleep can cause.

But the orthopaedic lying surface isn’t the only thing in a class of its own. Our Little Mountain dog bed is a nifty nest-shaped place for your dog to rest. A place your four-legged friend can make themselves comfortable in absolutely all directions, so they can always keep a watchful eye on everything that’s going on

The easy-care synthetic leather upper is more than just superb quality; removing all kinds of dirt from it is an absolute breeze too. But if your dog’s gone and taken a ‘bath’ in something particularly nasty and wiping the cover clean just won’t cut it, you can simply zip it off and wash it in the washing machine at 30°C.

The Little Mountain dog bed is an absolute win for you and your four-legged friend. Why not see for yourself?

Dimensions (LxH) ca. 80 x 30cm ca. 100 x 30cm ca. 120 x 30cm
  first second third
  • Upper: Synthetic leather
  • Underside: Non-slip insulating material 
  • Core: Orthopaedic memory foam 
  • Inner cushion: Orthopaedic memory foam
  • Side edges: Foam flakes
  • Cover can be removed thanks to the sewn-in zipper 
  • Synthetic leather can be vacuumed and cleaned with a damp cloth
Special features: 
  • This bed is extremely dimensionally stable and returns to its original shape after use   
  • Orthopaedic dog beds are particularly easy on the joints and adapt to your dog’s shape
  • Developed in Germany, manufactured in the EU 
  • Spare covers available separately


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