Knuffelwuff Orthopaedic Dog Den with Sturdy Roof Jaimie
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Does your dog often lie under the table or other furniture? Their reason for doing so isn’t always because they anticipate food falling from the table. Dogs’ ancestors have already demonstrated this behaviour, with wolves sleeping in caves to protect themselves from enemies and the cold. Dogs also feel comfortable in cave-like environments, because they meet their need for protection and security. A cave bed helps to promote your pet’s natural sleeping instincts.

But that alone isn’t enough for a premium bed. It also needs to have a soft base so they can lie down comfortably and cuddly walls for them to lean against. The Jaimie orthopaedic cave bed combines all these criteria to create a terrific treat for your dog.
The orthopaedic lying surface adapts perfectly to your dog’s physique, thereby protecting their joints and potentially preventing serious problems. Is your dog already having bother with their joints? Then the Jaimie orthopaedic cave bed is perfect for your best friend. Diseases like HD, ED or osteoarthritis are very painful for dogs. The Jaimie orthopaedic cave bed alleviates the pain of your dog’s aching joints and thus provides relief.

If your four-legged friend is a live wire who sometimes destroys some piece of furniture or other, you can rest assured that the Jaimie orthopaedic cave bed – developed in Germany and produced in the EU – also withstands these external influences thanks to a robust and high-quality woven fabric cover. If the covers are caked in dirt, you can easily remove them and wash them in the washing machine at 30°C while you spend time with your dog.

Your dog will love the Jaimie orthopaedic cave bed!

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