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You want to spend the day outside in the garden with your dog. So, you’ve set up the sunbed, put the parasol in place and have a cold drink within reach. A short while later, you see tired, sad eyes looking at you – your dog needs somewhere comfy to lie down too.

The snuggly dog bed from the living room isn’t ideal for outdoor use, so another solution’s needed.

With the Mika indoor and outdoor dog bed, you’ll be well prepared for a day outdoors. Its light weight means it’s quickly put in place, while the Cordura upper allows it to withstand even the wildest of dogs!

The Mika dog bed can cope with water, dirt and grime, because the highly robust material can be cleaned quickly and easily. For heavier soiling, you can remove the cover thanks to a sewn-in zipper and wash it in the washing machine at 30°C.

If you’re making the most of the first few sunrays of the year and the ground is still on the chilly side, this bed’s insulated underside keeps the annoying cold ground at a distance and your dog warm.

The slightly raised, soft side edges filled with foam flakes invite your dog to put their head down and totally relax. The base foam pad in the Mika dog bed provides your dog with a soft surface, no matter where it is. Even when it’s really warm outdoors, no heat accumulates in the Mika dog bed, so your four-legged friend can always find a soft place to rest, even in summer.

The Mika indoor and outdoor dog bed is extremely dimensionally stable and always returns to its original shape after your dog has been using it. If you’d like a change, you’ll find various spare covers for the Mika dog bed at Knuffelwuff.

Be impressed by the outstanding quality of this dog bed, and treat your dog to a soft sanctuary even when it’s outdoors.
Outer dimensions (LxBxH) approx. 90 x 75 x 12cm approx. 120 x 85 x 12cm
Inner dimensions (LxB) approx. 63 x 48cm approx. 90 x 60cm
  second third
  • Upper: Cordura
  • Underside: Non-slip insulating material 
  • Particularly robust, but soft and pleasant to the touch
  • Inner cushion: Foam pad approx. 3 cm thick
  • Side edges: Foam flakes
  • Cover can be removed thanks to the sewn-in zipper 
  • Cover can be washed at 30°C
Special features:
  • This bed is extremely dimensionally stable and returns to its original shape after use
  • High rigidity and easy-to-transport dog bed
  • Developed in Germany, manufactured in the EU   
  • Spare covers available separately


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