Knuffelwuff Robust Dog Toy Suede Vulture With Rope
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Playing together with your dog is not only fun, it also promotes the bond between human and dog.

It’s not about your dog having as many toys as possible freely available, but that your dog is happy like crazy when you ask them to play.

Our Suede Vulture with Rope is the perfect toy for you and your four-legged friend.

Thanks to the attached cords, there are plenty of ends to grab onto. So there is nothing standing in the way of a good, long game of tug of war.

The Suede Vulture is made of very robust, natural materials and is stitched to a high-quality. So you can be sure that the material will survive even a wild game between you and your dog unscathed.

Dogs that love to fetch will also greatly enjoy our Suede Vulture. Unlike other toys, it consists of natural colours. When searching for the Suede Vulture, your four-legged friend must rely solely on their nose, as the toy does not attract attention with bright signal colours.

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