Knuffelwuff Velour Dog Den Lucas with Hand-Woven Material Look and Sturdy Roof
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In the wild, wolves sleep in caves to protect themselves from natural enemies and the weather. Some dogs share this need with their direct ancestors. To feel completely comfortable, dogs need a soft surface to lie on, walls to lean against, and a cave ceiling to give them the security they need. A cave-shaped bed helps to promote your pet’s natural sleeping instincts.

The pleasantly soft and padded bed has a sturdy roof that gives your four-legged friend protection and security. Measuring one metre in diameter, the Lucas dog bed becomes a beautiful, snuggly dog cave that invites your pet to sleep in it.

The Lucas dog bed’s robust and high-quality woven fabric cover guarantees an extremely long life. The thickly padded lying surface made of pleasantly soft velour protects against cold floors and entices every dog to cuddle in. The dimensionally stable Lucas dog bed is easy to clean and has removable covers that can be wonderfully washed in the washing machine at 30°C if they’re really dirty.

What are you waiting for? See the Lucas dog bed for yourself and give your dog somewhere to sleep that does justice to their natural instincts.

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