Knuffelwuff Velour Dog Mattress Maui with 9cm Foam
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Is your four-legged friend already the proud owner of a dog bed? That’s great! But sometimes you also need an easy-to-transport bed cushion that you can take with you everywhere. In the boot, to visit friends, to your holiday apartment or even to your workplace. It’s only natural that your dog would always like to be near you. Especially in strange and unfamiliar surroundings, though, they need somewhere they can retreat to and find some peace and quiet if necessary. Your dog’s sure to feel almost as comfortable as they do in their dog bed waiting for them at home when they’re on our Maui dog mat made of 9 cm foam.

The dog mat’s foam core, measuring 9 cm thick, creates a comfortable lying position, is very dimensionally stable and naturally also protects against cold floors. The cover, made of a pleasantly soft velour microfibre fabric, encloses the foam mat entirely and creates a snuggly atmosphere. Micro velour is a durable and easy-care textile fabric with a slightly shiny finish. The material is breathable and helps to wick moisture away from the body. What’s more, it’s easy to clean and can be pulled off with a zipper and machine washed at 30°C if necessary. You can order spare covers in different colours if needed later on.

Just like all other Knuffelwuff-branded products, only high-quality materials are used for our Maui dog mat.

Our Knuffelwuff Maui dog mat made of 9 cm foam is also very well-suited to larger dogs, measuring 110 x 65 cm. So our faithful companions don’t have to do without a comfy and snuggly soft place to sleep and rest, even when they’re outside the home and their familiar surroundings.

Outer dimensions (LxBxH) ca. 78 x 65 x 9cm ca. 110 x 66 x 9cm 136 x 84 x 9cm
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