We live in a hectic world, we’re constantly pushed for time, and we often lose sight of the little things in life that really matter. Many people have forgotten what ‘peace’ and ‘relaxation’ mean as they strive to achieve their personal, and usually very ambitious, goals.

But then a dog strays into your life and you realise what really matters. All of a sudden, you appreciate how beautiful natural surroundings are again, and how much peace and relaxation they can provide if you just get involved. A dog shows you how simple life can be, and their love of life is totally infectious.

To help you live together as a human/dog team, we at Knuffelwuff are always trying to develop products that perfect your life together. So this is the one-stop shop for high-quality leads, collars and harnesses to ensure your furry friend is well-secured when it really it matters without feeling constricted or uncomfortable. What’s more, Knuffelwuff offers you a range of selected long-life dog toys. Do you ever play with your dog while you’re out on a walk? Not only does this promote bonding; it’s also heaps of fun to consciously get involved in the walk instead of just ‘walking along’.

Our products should add an extra sweet touch to everyday life for you and your dog and motivate you to enjoy the little things in life to the fullest. Thanks to our first-class outdoor clothing, you’ve got no excuses for being poorly dressed in bad weather anymore. With the help of our products, consciously concentrate on your four-legged best friend and notice how your quality of life improves and the moments you share with one another give you fresh strength to take on terrific tasks.


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