Itís only natural that you want nothing but the best for your loved ones. And the best is good enough. You feed your dog high-quality food to help it have the best health, a shiny coat and strong bones. Dry food, wet food, BARFģ Ė the range of food for your dog is unlimited! But a good, balanced diet alone isnít enough to ensure that your pooch will have a good life. You and your dog cover a fair distance every day when youíre out walking together. The law stipulates that your dog isnít allowed to walk everywhere without a lead, which is why they wear a collar or harness when youíre out and about and you carry a lead with you. When it comes to collars, harnesses and leads in particular, high quality and durability are of prime importance.

There shouldnít be any concealed risks in dog toys, and they should also be able to withstand even the liveliest of dogs. After a long, exciting day in your dogís life, they need a comfy bed where they can mull over what all theyíve been up to in the past day. Knuffelwuff offers you and your dog a wide range of high-quality safe havens thatíre perfectly adapted to your petís needs.

Their wellbeing and health is the top priority for the Knuffelwuff team. Good quality and robustness guarantee every human/dog team lots of fun and wonderful hours spent together. At the same time, good and high-quality dog accessories donít always have to be equally expensive.

In our shop, youíll find a large assortment of affordable dog beds, inexpensive collars and much more besides thatíll win you over with outstanding quality. We attach a great deal of importance to caring for and giving attention to our four-legged friends.


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