Are you looking for high-quality products for your dog, but feel almost overwhelmed by the huge range and the sometimes outrageous prices? Take a moment and stop by Knuffelwuff. We’re a team of animal lovers who’ve taken it upon ourselves to support the human/dog relationship in the best way possible.

So you’ll find high-quality collars, leads and harnesses for your best bud, so you’ll look amazing and are well-secured on your walks together. Or perhaps you’re hunting for sensible, robust toys to challenge your whistling at the next game of tug-of-war? Knuffelwuff has these in stock for you too! You’ll be won over by our wide range of dog beds in particular. Whatever type of dog you’re looking for a suitable safe haven for, Knuffelwuff has the right bed for every dog, no matter how special – see for yourself.

So your dog’s well taken care of. But what good is a collar – however great it is – if dog owners refuse to leave the house when it’s raining? Knuffelwuff can help here too. You won’t be beaten anymore by the cold, rain and wind when you’re wearing our weatherproof outdoor clothing.


CargoWeeks from 01 to 30 April

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