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A dog needs love, good food, a comfortable place to sleep and lots of exercise. But a dog wants one thing above all else: to play! Delight your furry pal with our wide range of robust toys. Not only will this enrich your dog's life, but yours as well!

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Items  1 - 23 of 23

I belong to you

Having a dog means boundless love, loyalty and the feeling of never being completely alone.

However, having a dog also means having responsibility, because our furry friends have needs.

It's not enough just to have a collar, a leash and two bowls. Therefore, the team at Knuffelwuff has made it our mission to offer products that enrich the lives of you and your dog.

Thanks to the large selection of robust chew toys, you can give your dog the opportunity to satisfy their natural chewing needs.

Our dog coats keep them warm and dry. Maybe you will think now, my four-legged friend does not need a coat – he is a dog after all! And, on the whole, you’re right about that. Nevertheless, there are dogs that are particularly sensitive to cold, old or sick, who are protected by such a coat from cold and moisture – thereby making things more comfortable for them.