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Knuffelwuff: a quality brand for discerning dogs

Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for: it’s time for your new four-legged friend to move in. But before you bring your dog home, you need to invest a great deal in the essential equipment, and also ask yourself what kind of dog bed would be suitable. It should be comfy and high-quality, offer plenty space, be a place that your dog can retreat to and, on top of all of that, it should fit in with the rest of your furnishings too. We at Knuffelwuff have taken it upon ourselves to develop the right dog bed for every human / dog dream team.

Does your dog have special requirements and therefore need somewhere special to lie down on account of their joint diseases? No problem! At Knuffelwuff, you’ll find a wide selection of outstanding orthopaedic beds, cushions and pillows! If your precious pooch is, by its nature, a dog that likes to lie in ‘caves’ and feels especially comfortable in such places, a Knuffelwuff cave bed is sure to be the perfect product for you both.

So, that’s the four-legged half of your human / dog duo well looked after. But what about you – the owner? You can choose from a wide range of dog beds in different colours, designs and materials, so the product you choose is guaranteed to match your interior design style. What’s more, there are alternative covers available for almost all beds, so there’s nothing more stopping you from redecorating and freshening things up a bit! But there’s more to our dog beds than just style; they’re also extremely high quality and therefore durable. If you’d like to get something special for you and your four-legged friend, you’re in the right place and can rest assured you’ll benefit from our first-class quality.

Kitting out the owner

Every dog owner will immediately confirm that owning a dog really does enrich your life. But it also goes hand in hand with a great deal of work. Because your pooch doesn’t just need to go walkies when the sun is shining and it’s warm outside. Nope! Dogs also want to get out and about in nature when it’s pouring down and the wind’s blowing a gale.

Our new outdoor clothes mean you’ll always be well prepared – whatever the weather. But what sets our range apart from conventional outdoor clothes? You’ve got to walk your dog with everything: treats, poop bags, clickers, keys, your mobile phone, and maybe even a toy or a fetch trainer. And you’ve got to find somewhere to store all these things.

Knuffelwuff jackets and gilets offer innovative ideas such as lots of useful pockets for dog owners to use to quickly stow away the essentials, meaning their hands are kept free for their four-legged best friend. What’s more, the material used is highly robust and weatherproof, so it keeps you dry and warm when the weather’s not entirely on your side. Be impressed by our new outdoor range and turn your walks together into an exciting experience!

Innovative and high-quality: products from Knuffelwuff

Knuffelwuff’s high-quality and innovative dog beds have been available since 2011, but they’re only part of the product range. Increasing customer interest was motivation enough for us to develop other products. What we created was easy-care yet robust dog collars made of genuine leather. We also stock textile collars and, together with the different leads, they meet the high demands of dog owners and dogs alike.

Since dogs are on the road far more often nowadays than they were in the past, the car fixtures are also part and parcel of our versatile range. Whether your dog will be sitting in the front, the back or the boot, Knuffelwuff offers the right car fixtures for every transport situation. In so doing, it’s ensuring the safety of all the occupants of the vehicle (two and four-legged alike!) – even in problem situations.

Life’s a game

Since most dogs nowadays don’t have a proper purpose on your property and simply keep guard, they need something else to occupy them and keep them physically and mentally stimulated. That’s why Knuffelwuff is now also offering a variety of toys that are suitable for the classic throw-and-catch game on the one hand, and for keeping your dog company at night time on the other. Many a dog feels less lonely when they’ve got their favourite soft toy next to them on their dog bed. It makes tolerating the times when their owners aren’t around a great deal easier!


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