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Leads and collars

A practical lead and a good collar are everyday essentials for you and your four-legged friend. Do you go with your mood and choose from a drawer full of options in a whole range of colours? Or do you stick with a favourite? Whatever the case, choosing a good collar and lead matters!

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Items  1 - 18 of 18

For setting off: Collars and leads

A good collar and a practical lead form part of the basic kit for every human-dog team. Whether you’re out and about or at home, they’re your reliable, go-to equipment.

Many a dog owner has a whole wardrobe brimming with collars and leads matching the colour of their dog’s fur and that can be combined with a wide range of human outfits. Others, meanwhile, set off day after day using the same trustworthy kit, which has already proven itself in the most varied situations.

No matter which species of dog owner you belong to, you’ll always have a lead and collar with you. Leads are compulsory in many places and one thing is certain: Coco can't pay the fine for a public order offence out of her own pocket.

And speaking of public order - the collar is ideal for attaching the dog tag. So if your dog goes off wandering on his own - maybe to show that lady dog in heat next door what a great guy he is - everyone will know that this stray is actually legit! To identify this lovesick macho, you could also attach a small tag with your contact details to his collar.

Put together your own collar-lead set at Knuffelwuff, and you can explore the world together!

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