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It’s only natural that you want nothing but the best for your loved ones. And the best is good enough. You feed your dog high-quality food to help it have the best health, a shiny coat and strong bones. Dry food, wet food, BARF® – the range of food for your dog is unlimited! But a good, balanced diet alone isn’t enough to ensure that your pooch will have... Read more

Unsere Motivation


We live in a hectic world, we’re constantly pushed for time, and we often lose sight of the little things in life that really matter. Many people have forgotten what ‘peace’ and ‘relaxation’ mean as they strive to achieve their personal, and usually very ambitious, goals. But then a dog strays into your life and you realise what really matters. All of a sudden, you appreciate... Read more

Aus Liebe zum Tier


‘Like master, like man’ is a proverb that’s often quoted in connection with human/dog relationships, yet it applies to most of us. It’s quite remarkable how our dogs can adapt to our lives and our moods. But, above all else, it’s wonderful how much they understand us, give us comfort when we’re feeling sad, make us feel peaceful when we’re about to lose it, and never leave... Read more

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Beste Freunde


My best friend never says a word to me. Yet this cold-nosed, four-legged companion of mine is the only individual I’ve never felt alone with. Dogs are such clever and empathic animals that can achieve great things. Whether they’re working as a rescue dog, a therapy dog, a guide dog or a police dog, dogs are capable of saving human lives. But ‘simple family dogs’ are... Read more



An animal’s presence has an instant positive impact on their owner. Most people who have a pet at home rave about the calming aura, the pleasant atmosphere and the sensuous and friendly relationship between them and their pet. Dogs are a very special and irreplaceable part of our family. Dogs’ love of life and the sheer adoration they have for their owners is an inspiration for... Read more



Are you looking for high-quality products for your dog, but feel almost overwhelmed by the huge range and the sometimes outrageous prices? Take a moment and stop by Knuffelwuff. We’re a team of animal lovers who’ve taken it upon ourselves to support the human/dog relationship in the best way possible. So you’ll find high-quality collars, leads and harnesses for your best bud, so you’ll look amazing... Read more


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