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Travel and transport

It is said that we humans will go to the ends of the earth with our furry friends.  But of course, some distances can only be covered by travelling by car, train or aeroplane. Make sure that your dog is always safe and comfortable when travelling. 


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Around the World Together

During their time on this earth, dogs give you their unconditional trust, honest genuine love and a tonne of moments that you share together. There are those days where you are ripping out your hair in anger, and others where you are laughing at your dog so hard you cry. Your dog is one thing for sure: always a loyal companion on the go.

But not every journey can be covered on foot. Whether a holiday, moving, visits to the vet or simply a trip to the neighbouring town – for longer distances, we often have to use means of conveyance, such as cars, trains or even aeroplanes to get from A to B.

No matter which means of conveyance you like to use – it is crucial that your dog travels comfortably and is always sufficiently secured so that nothing happens to him or her in an emergency.

This is why we offer a variety of products for your trips together. Our selection of high-quality transport boxes with comfortable lying surfaces, sophisticated safety latches, belt systems, etc. allow you to bring your dog with you so they are always comfortable and well-secured.