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Would you like to do something really good for your dog? Then our Jessy orthopaedic dog bed is perfect for you.

Unlike a normal bed, this design precisely adapts to your dog’s shape, enabling them to sleep without putting unnecessary strain on their joints and spine. How so? The secret lies in the bed’s interior and structure. The core is made of orthopaedic memory foam – a highly elastic and breathable cold foam that reacts to temperature, weight and the shape of your dog’s body. This prevents pressure points, and the material always returns to its original position after use. Thanks to the extra-wide edge filled with foam flakes, your four-legged friend can lean comfortably against the bed, put their head down and will definitely enjoy a restful and relaxed sleep in the Jessy orthopaedic dog bed.
The dog bed’s upper is made of Cordura – a tough nylon fabric designed for high abrasion, tear and wear resistance.

The separate imitation lambskin top cover is easy to care for; it can be removed using a sewn-in zipper and is machine washable at 30°C. Dirt can simply be brushed or shaken out. You can naturally buy spare covers for this dog bed too.

The non-slip underside ensures that the dog bed remains stable, a feature which also protects against cold floors thanks to the insulating material used.

Just like all other Knuffelwuff-branded products, only high-quality materials are used in this dog bed.
Outer dimensions (LxBxH) approx. 73 x 50 x 24cm approx. 100 x 65 x 28cm approx. 120 x 75 x 30cm approx. 135 x 85 x 32cm approx. 155 x 105 x 33cm
Inner dimensions (LxB) approx. 48 x 40cm approx. 66 x 53cm approx. 80 x 60cm approx. 90 x 70cm approx. 100 x 85cm
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  • Upper: Cordura
  • Separate outer cover: Imitation lambskin  
  • Underside: Non-slip insulating material 
  • Core: Orthopaedic memory foam 
  • Side edges: Foam flakes
  • Cover can be removed thanks to the sewn-in zipper 
  • Easy to clean thanks to the dirt- and water-repellent material 
  • Cover can be washed at 30°C
Special features: 
  • This bed is extremely dimensionally stable and returns to its original shape after use 
  • Orthopaedic dog beds are particularly easy on the joints and adapt to your dog’s shape   
  • Developed in Germany, manufactured in the EU   
  • Spare covers available separately


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