Knuffelwuff Portable Dog Mat Linea Travel L 90 x 60cm
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The Linea Travel portable travel mat is a perfect partner for everyday life, whether you’re travelling with your dog, spending the day at the office, or in the garden. Your four-legged friend will always adopt a soft and comfy lying position thanks to this travel mat. The Linea Travel turns the carrier in the car into a cosy cave too. This comfy travel mat is an absolute doddle to transport. All you have to do is roll it up and close it with loops.

Dogs can naturally lie on the floor too, but this portable travel mat offers a comfortable alternative to the cold floor. Puppies and dogs that’re old and sick are especially sensitive. The travel mat protects your four-legged friend from the cold and is generally very robust.

As is the case with all Knuffelwuff products, this mat was developed in Germany and manufactured in the EU using high-quality materials. The upper made of pleasantly soft plush invites your dog to snuggle down, in addition to being a familiar-smelling safe haven to retreat to, even when they’re far away from their usual surroundings. Thanks to the Linea Travel travel mat’s non-slip underside, your pooch won’t be at any risk of injury if the mat slips.

It’s only natural that a travel mat used in different places will get dirty from time to time. But dirt and grime don’t stand a chance – all because the Linea Travel travel mat can be washed at 30°C!

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Outer dimensions (LxBxH) 90 x 60 x 2cm 110 x 80 x 2cm
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