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The Wippo dog bed is an orthopaedic bed for your dog that’s perfect for long, healthy naps. Thanks to the memory or viscoelastic foam core, the Wippo dog bed adapts perfectly to pressure and body heat, prevents circulatory problems and ensures that your dog can rest in a sleeping position that’s ideal for them. Viscoelastic foam has a particularly long lifetime and adapts to your dog’s contours and weight again after each use. People with back problems often lie on mattresses with the same core.
The Wippo dog bed also impresses with its timeless, elegant design and its high-quality, water-repellent velour surface. The non-slip insulating material on the underside keeps cold floors away from your pet, while the side edges filled with pleasantly soft foam flakes ensure that even cold draughts can’t get anywhere near your dog.

If your dog tries to get their dirty paws straight into their bed after a long walk in the rain, there’s no need to panic – the Wippo dog bed has a removable cover that you can easily wash in the washing machine at 30°C. You can also buy spare covers for the Wippo dog bed.

The Wippo dog bed is a blessing for your dog thanks to its orthopaedic lying surface and many more fantastic features.
Outer dimensions (LxBxH) approx. 85 x 63 x 23cm approx. 105 x 75 x 25cm approx. 120 x 85 x 25cm approx. 155 x 105 x 30cm
Inner dimensions (LxB) approx. 50 x 33cm approx. 70 x 50cm approx. 85 x 55cm approx. 105 x 65cm
  first second third forth
  • Upper: Water-repellent velour
  • Underside: Non-slip insulating material   
  • Core: Orthopaedic memory foam 
  • Inner cushion: Orthopaedic memory foam
  • Side edges: Foam flakes
  • Cover can be removed thanks to the sewn-in zipper   
  • Cover can be washed at 30°C
Special features: 
  • This bed is extremely dimensionally stable and returns to its original shape after use 
  • Orthopaedic dog beds are particularly easy on the joints and adapt to your dog’s shape
  • Developed in Germany, manufactured in the EU   
  • Spare covers available separately


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